Rust bind commands


In this guide we'll take a closer look at how to use binds in Rust. After reading this guide you will learn how to create your own binds, as well as find a lot of ready-made.


The base of all binds is actually the "bind" console command. It allows you to bind any console command or action to any button.You can bind absolutely any console command, whether it's standard, available in the game initially, or added by plugins on modified servers, such as a command to teleport to a friend or home.


A list of all the standard commands you can find in our article, dedicated to the console commands.


How to create binds


In order to bind a command to a certain button, you need to open the console and enter a bind command there, then pass the button, console command and action as arguments. You can bind only action or only console command.


bind [button] [CONSOLE COMMAND]or [ACTION]


bind [button] [CONSOLE COMMAND]or [ACTION]


bind [button+button] [CONSOLE COMMAND] or [ACTION]


Let's break it down with examples:


  • "bind k kill" - in this example, "k" is the button the command is bound to, and "kill" is the console command.
  • "bind z +duck" - and here "+duck" is an action, in this case makes the character sit down.
  • There can be several actions, and they are separated by semicolons - "bind z +attack;+duck"
  • You can use keyboard shortcuts - "bind [leftshift+k] kill".


A list of available actions for use in binds:


inventory.toggle - open inventory - open chat +jump - jump +slot1 - use slot (1-6) +forward - Walk forward +Backward - Walk backward +left - Walk left +right - Walk to the right +use - Use / Take +reload - Reload +voice - Enable voice chat chat.say "text" - Write text in chat +lighttoggle - Turn on flashlight/laser +map - Open map +sprint - Run +duck - Sit down +altlook - Turn your head +attack - Shoot/kill/beat +invprev - Previous slot +invnext - Next slot consoletoggle - Open/Close console bugreporter - Bugreporter kill - Suicide respawn - Revives you clearbinds - Clears all binds keys writecfg - Save settings


To remove a bind from a key, simply enter into the console command unbind with one argument - the button you want to unbind. For example - "unbind k". Or use "clearbinds" - this command removes all binds.


List of useful binds


Below you can find a list of the most useful binds for Rust. If you want you can change any button to whatever you prefer.


  • bind z +attack - bind on the auto-attack.
  • bind x +attack;+duck - auto-attack from sitting position.
  • bind q +forward;+sprint - bind to autorun.
  • bind p "+jump;+sprint;+duck" - auto jump into the window
  • "bind m chat.say "/map"" or "bind m" - bind to open the map, the first may not work on some servers.
  • bind Mouse1 +lighttoggle;+attack2 - Turns on the flashlight when shot.
  • bind k kill - Suicide.
  • bind 5 +slot5;+attack - Use item in slot 5
  • bind l "craft.add [ID] [AMOUNT]" - Craft any item with the specified ID, instead of the id you can use shortname. Both can be found on the item page on our site
  • bind [KEY] reload;attack;duck - Bind for automatic raid. This bind enables auto-attack and reloading after each shot. It's useful when raiding with Pipes.
  • Bind [KEY] +attack;+jump - Auto-attack in jump, e.g. for raiding ceilings.
  • Bind 0 gc.collect - RAM cleaner to boost FPS. Use it to avoid freezes.
  • Bind f3 input.sensitivity 0.2 - change mouse sensitivity.
  • bind l craft.add gunpowder 1 - Bind to craft gunpowder
  • bind p disconnect - a bind to disconnect from the server.


List of binds for modified servers


These binds will only work on modified servers, which have plugins, that add specific console commands.

  • bind h chat.say "/home 1" - bind to trip (teleport) home named 1
  • bind j chat.say "/tpa" - bind to accept tap
  • bind u "building.upgrade" - improve buildings
  • bind z "chat.say"/remove" - turn on remove (mode to remove buildings)
  • bind k "chat.say"/kit" - get kits (sets of items)
  • bind y chat.say "/tpr nickname"/ - send trap to a friend
  • bind g chat.say "/trade yes"\ - accept trade
  • bind F2 "" - open the backpack